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Our attorneys know how to hone patent protection for your needs. Depending upon your commercial objectives your patent application might need to provide a prospectus-like overview of your innovation to support licensing or fund raising activities. Alternatively, we may need to describe your invention in very focussed and clear terms if it represents an incremental improvement over similar innovations that already exist. Sometimes if the invention is in a rapidly developing field it may be necessary to spend time thinking about how the technology might evolve in the years ahead to ensure coverage of successive generations of your platform or process. In many cases a patent application may be required to cover all of these objectives and more.


At Keltie, our job is to ask the right questions and take you through the process of how things may change over time with your invention. This is where we add real value - we help you realise the future potential of your innovations, rather than just focusing on the present. It is vitally important to us that your invention becomes a valuable asset for your business. To do this we write patent applications that are not just technically detailed but are also commercially informed by you. We file these patent applications in all major global jurisdictions through our global associate network.


Our expert attorneys do more than simply draft patent applications: we help you to build a patent strategy that will last for decades.


Patent portfolio management

Guarding your intellectual property portfolio is part of our expert approach, and careful management is an essential element in that process. We work with you to ensure we cover all aspects of your invention, now and in the future.


We use industry leading software to support our talented formalities team to provide sophisticated monitoring of statutory deadlines, patent statuses and renewals. At Keltie, our formalities staff work alongside our attorneys in ensuring our clients’ portfolios are managed well. Monitoring goes hand-in-hand with our technical experience to create the intellectual property portfolio you need, and the infrastructure to maintain it. Although we use the best systems, we continue to believe that nothing can replace personal service and accountability. As our client you will always have a person to contact when you have a query.


Patent filing - the Keltie difference

We focus on ensuring that we understand the invention now, and how it might evolve over time. We ensure we have a fundamental appreciation of how your invention is relevant to your business, and what purpose your patent portfolio needs to serve. We take all of those strands and bring them together to create a patent portfolio that not only serves the purpose of exclusivity but most compellingly represents the embodiment of your invention.


Our skilled patent attorneys help innovators by getting involved at the earliest stages of your innovation projects. We can help you plan your intellectual property strategy to ensure we future proof it to embrace changes over time. Our expertise continues even after the patent application is filed, as we use our experience to think ahead to provide the flexibility you need to adjust dynamically to the ongoing pace of your innovation.

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