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Diverse People, Innovative Careers


Our founder, David Keltie, taught us that our people make a difference. Our success is built on a simple realisation: Clients are best served by talented people who love what they do. And that’s where you come in.

When you join Keltie, you are at the heart of the firm. We invest in you as a person and as a professional. Our team of patent, trade mark, and design attorneys is skilled, experienced, and, above all, are great people to work with. We offer our people rewarding and stimulating careers.

Core Values and Guiding Principles


At Keltie, we stand united in embracing our core values. It is our reputation that attracts clients from all over the world. Fairness, trust, and excellence in all we do define who we are. You’ll be part of a fair and transparent environment, one where you can build trust with your colleagues and clients and deliver excellence. A commitment to quality runs through our veins, and it is in everything we do. We commit to investing in you from the start to build the best foundation for your future.

Driving Diversity: Our D&I Journey


Join us in creating a better future of work that’s inclusive. At Keltie, opportunities are for all, not a select few. Since Keltie was founded, the firm has moved away from traditional ways of working in law that had many prejudices associated with it. Today, our teams reflect the diversity of our world.

Our commitment extends beyond words—we support inclusivity through our DICE
(Diversity, Inclusion, Charity, and Environment) committee. This team’s mission is to ensure we see change in diversity, inclusion, and sustainability at Keltie and within the industry.

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35 years of Keltie


In 2023, Keltie turned 35. From the early foundations of setting up a trade mark law firm to the COVID-19 pandemic and becoming the successful IP firm it is today, Keltie has seen a lot of changes.

"I want to create something amazing," were the words of David Keltie when he started the firm in 1988. David was tired of the values of some of the traditional patent and trade mark firms, which were old-fashioned and hierarchical. David’s dream was to create a firm where every person was equal. One where there was no ‘them and us’ attitude or perception.

At Keltie, David brought together like-minded people who loved their jobs and wanted to be a part of his dream. He brought all the good things he had learned from working in his previous firms but left all the ‘bad’ things behind.

The reputation that Keltie has built for over thirty years as a personal, forward-thinking, and principled firm speaks for itself. As David said, “Our people make the difference."

Discover a firm where people come first. Keltie’s Rosemary Cardas takes us on a journey of innovation and excellence, and Sean Cummings looks back at the story so far.

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