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Our success in protecting brands is founded upon our commercial, pragmatic approach. We’re adept at avoiding obstacles, solving problems and finding the best way forward. We’re with you all the way, from choosing to using a mark.


Trade mark services

Before you obtain a trade mark, it is advisable that due diligence and clearance exercises are conducted to ensure that you can actually use and/or register such a mark. If you are emotionally invested in a product or service you have come up with, you will do all you can to put that brand to use. However, it is very easy to overlook clearance aspects crucial to securing that protection. At Keltie, we provide our insight on the likely risks faced at the naming stage to ensure that the selected trade marks do not infringe the valid rights of other brand owners.


Once you file a trade mark, it cannot be amended. By involving an attorney from Keltie and using our expert trade mark services at the beginning of a project means that we can advise and identify all potential trade mark rights relevant for your brand and ensure they provide the broadest forms of protection available. Due to the fact that trade marks can last for all time, it is vitally important to get them right at the beginning.

We look to assist clients in securing the very earliest date they can obtain a trade mark, in order for a brand to begin its life with a clear path to use. That means filing the trade mark against a specific list of goods and services - or trade mark specification - to cover what the trade mark is going to be applied to now and in the future. A trade mark only works if you register or use it in relation to the goods and services that you provide. If you provide one service, but have protected another, a third party could secure a trade mark for your service and potentially prevent you from performing it.


We provide context and relevance for what might happen to your brand in the first five to seven years of its life. There are likely to be add-ons or ‘spin offs’ to your portfolio, but the real value in a trade mark is securing monopoly rights at the earliest possible opportunity. Keltie are skilled in adding this additional layer of consultation to assist in brand development and growth and ensuring all rights are used and managed correctly.


Trade marks - the Keltie difference

The difficulty with intellectual property is that a lot of the time, it is intangible - it is an idea. Your trade mark needs to cover the goods or service you actually market or bring to consumers. Keltie provides foresight and analytics to ensure you get the right protection.


You may think that IP lawyers and trade mark attorneys only need to get involved when there is a dispute over a trade mark, but we provide value even before a brand has come to life.


At Keltie, we describe our trade mark experts as engineers and co-creators of ideas because we can help at the very beginning of a project - at its pre-naming stage. We become an extension of your initial project and team and welcome the chance to do so. You may have an idea for the name of a new product, but you need to know what to do next.


By getting involved at the outset of a project, we can provide counsel and training to our clients as an extension of our usual practice. Dedicating our experience to getting your requirements correct at the outset, whilst planning for the future, means you get a better trade mark to begin with.

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