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What type of patent search?

A first key aspect of patent searching is to determine novelty for a new concept: whether what you have invented is genuinely new or not. This is also known as a prior art search or novelty search. A novelty search will help you find relevant prior art early in your innovation process and can help to guide your product or process development path towards patentable options. It can also be used beofre you begin the costly process of drafting a patent applciation, to asses whether a patent application has a good chance of being granted. Novelty searches can also help you to find out whether others’ patents are novel, which can be a useful step if your entry into a market is impeded by a blocking patent.


A second type of search is a clearance or freedom-to-operate (FTO) search and this aims to check that your innovation or proposed activities do not infringe the patent rights of other parties. Obviously, you would not want to launch a new product or service and be sued for patent infringement immediately afterwards. The financial costs and reputational damage of defending a patent infringement suit can be significant even if a settlement is reached without having to undergo a court hearing. A clearance search aims to assess and clarify that risk by identifying any third party patents that might be relevant so that you can determine whether to proceed with your proposed activities.


A third type of search is called a patent landscape search that enables you to gain a high level of understanding around the patents and patent owners involved in a specified area of technology. Patent landscape searches help you to identify areas where the innovation is concentrated, or alternatively where it is sparse such that ‘white space’ opportunities exist. Keltie attorneys are experienced in using sophisticated patent analytics platforms to break down highly complex landscapes and use these to provide meaningful commercial intelligence.


Patent search services

Searching is a vitally important skill for these three reasons, but you have to ask the right questions in your processes. Many thousands of patents are filed and published each year and whilst there are a number of free online patent searching sites available, the key is understanding the diversity of information contained within the results.


The detail and complexity in the patent system means that if you ask the wrong questions as part of the search process you could be rewarded with unhelpful noise, or even miss the most important documents altogether. The search process can be overwhelming, but an expert patent attorney from Keltie can help.


As patent experts, we make it our priority to understand what your intellectual property needs are. More often than not, the scope of a search strategy will evolve as we learn more about your business plans. With our help, we can focus the search appropriately to your budget and required level of comfort. Our expertise in devising searching strategies means our clients get the results that serve them and the needs of their business well.


Patent search - the Keltie difference

At Keltie, we have access to the best subscription databases and some of the most able search specialists. We use these highly sophisticated approaches to break down search queries and use advanced analytics to look at the results in order to fragment and prioritise the output. We conduct detailed, sector-level and landscape focused work to review the bigger picture and also drill down to granular levels of detail.


We take time to ask you the right questions so that we can devise the right search queries. At Keltie, our patent attorneys will help you to navigate the patent system, add their wealth of expertise and deliver the most beneficial patent strategy for your business.

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