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The legal framework surrounding the patentability of AI inventions in Europe is complex. On top of that, applicants often wonder how to use patent protection most effectively to realise value in their AI inventions, particularly when AI inventions can be more difficult to detect. We keep these questions at the forefront of our thinking to help you to build robust portfolios that support your business goals.


We work with clients to protect their AI and Quantum inventions in a wide range of technical fields including financial technology, telecoms, imaging, medical imaging, medical technology, drug discovery, consumer electronics, signal detection, power management, quantum cryptography, quantum communications, embedded electronic control systems, automotive, wind energy and agriculture, amongst others.


If you are working with AI or Quantum technologies, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.



Our focus is helping you to obtain high quality, commercially valuable protection for your AI and Quantum inventions. We draft and prosecute applications of the highest standards and can advise you on the best way to navigate the complex legal framework before the European Patent Office (EPO).


When drafting and prosecuting patent applications, we go the extra mile to create commercially valuable IP, keeping key points such as patentability, licensing and detectability at the centre of our thinking.


As well as drafting individual applications, we can advise on portfolio strategy, helping you to select which applications to patent, and to determine when (and how) to best use Trade Secrets.


We are also experienced in helping clients use the patent regime to benefit from the Patent Box, a government scheme to enable patent holders to reclaim tax on the profits generated from their patented products. The Patent Pox is particularly relevant to AI inventions where the AI supports provision of a server-based or cloud-based service.


Law Firms


We work with law firms across the globe in the best interests of our mutual clients. We help firms in other jurisdictions to craft patent specifications that stand the best chance of providing strong protection at the EPO and elsewhere in Europe, often by providing specific advice before PCT filing.  We are also very keen to identify expert practices in other jurisdictions to provide the best overall panel of attorneys for our clients.




If you are an Investor looking to invest in an AI venture, then we can help you to assess an AI patent portfolio to determine potential scope and strength of the AI patents held. We can assess whether an application is likely to go to grant, and whether it covers the key products of the company (or its competitors).


We can also work with you to add value to the organisations that you invest in by identifying and developing key patent families.


Keltie’s work in the AI and Quantum Technologies sectors also includes expertise, guidance and strategies relating to:

  • Clearance and due diligence searches
  • Invention harvesting and patent application preparation
  •  Portfolio management, including decision making processes and portfolio development strategy
  • Advising on infringement, enforcement and passing-off
  • Counterfeit actions
  • Domain name and online enforcement
  • Negotiations/mediations/licensing/assignments
  • Trade secret management
  • Client training
  • Branding assessments and protection
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