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As with many countries around the world, in Europe and the UK, computer code is protected by copyright as a literary work, meaning taking a copy or converting the code to another computing language would be considered an infringement. This is why most software programmes come with a licence agreement to tell users that they must conform to the software’s usage permissions when information from the programme is copied to their computer as they use it.


It is often thought that computer implemented inventions such as software processes are not able to be protected with the help of an intellectual property attorney. However, this is not the case and our skilled team are able to assist clients with protecting patentable technical processes which are run on computers. Whilst it is true that computer implemented inventions are very often close to the borderline of patentability, our attorneys are at the forefront of understanding how best to protect these inventions not just in Europe, but also in North America, Asia and beyond.


Our services

Understanding the technical aspects of a computer implemented invention is key to identifying a strategy for patent protection and it is where our attorneys excel. We live in a connected world where digital information crosses borders with little hindrance, e-commerce businesses need to develop intellectual property strategies that are truly global.

Our team of skilled and accomplished patent and trade mark attorneys assist our clients in the software sector to protect their creations and safeguard the expense and effort invested in developing new technologies and processes.


The modern, global nature of business means that our team need a detailed understanding of the intellectual property laws in whichever markets our clients wish to operate. This diversity in skills, local knowledge and the ability to build strategies with broad protection but locality-based nuances set our attorneys apart. Within intellectual property, adaptation and interpretation are key and we have all the skills to safeguard your invention, wherever you wish to deploy it.


Keltie’s work in the software sector includes:


  • Clearance and due diligence searches
  • Branding assessments and protection
  • Invention harvesting and patent application preparation
  • Portfolio management, enhancement and strategic development
  • Advising on infringement, enforcement and passing-off
  • Counterfeit actions
  • Domain name and online enforcement
  • Negotiations/mediations/licensing/assignments
  • Trade secret management
  • Client training


Software - Keltie’s approach

One of the key aspects of our software practice is the approach taken by our attorneys to really understand the technical characteristics of your computer implemented invention. Our clients work in a diverse range of fields and industries including financial services, FinTech, entertainment, publishing, transport, medical and manufacturing.


Prior to working with Keltie, some of our clients had been advised incorrectly that their technology was not patentable. Our approach is to drill down to the detail and work with you to find a solution that works. You can read more about our work in this area here.


We focus on putting together the best team of attorneys for your business’ needs from our diverse talent pool to ensure your intellectual property portfolio is planned, executed and maintained to the highest standards to safeguard your rights.

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