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Joseph’s core interests lie in the fields of materials, manufacturing, sustainability and digital technologies. These stem from a varied route to a patent career, via mathematics and nuclear engineering. Joseph enjoys the process of getting absorbed 'into a creation' and appreciating the detailed work and thought that goes into it. He also enjoys the diversity of working with clients of all sizes from large international companies, to UK-based SMEs and independent inventors.

Since joining Keltie in 2017, Joseph has worked on many aspects of the patents cycle including patent drafting, prosecution in the UK, Europe and worldwide, oppositions and freedom-to-operate assessments. He has also gained a great deal of experience working on designs, in relation to filing design applications as well as search and clearance projects.


Joseph qualified as a European Patent Attorney in 2021.


Before Keltie, Joseph worked as a nuclear safety case engineer on the Hinkley Point C and Sizewell C projects. Joseph’s principal focus was on the design of Hinkley Point C’s hazards protection systems.


Joseph graduated from the University of Bristol in 2013 with a Master’s degree in Mathematics. During his degree, Joseph’s studies included Newtonian mechanics, ordinary and partial differential equations, fluid dynamics, quantum physics, relativistic field theory, quantum computing, information theory and computational mathematics.

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