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Keltie's materials and manufacturing team is an inter-disciplinery team including attorneys with backgrounds in materials science, manufacturing engineering, mechatronics, chemistry, physics, and computational materials. Many of our attorneys gained experience in industry and research before becoming IP professionals. Our experience gives us an appreciation of the big picture and the small details, and we can see the innovation at every level: from the operational set up of a complex smart factory, to the smallest change in an alloy microstructure.


Computer implemented inventions are becoming inescapable an almost any field, and the materials and manufacturing sectors are no exception. Innovation in these areas increasingly involves informatics, automation, robotics, and the internet of things. Our attorneys are experienced in protecting inventions based on these technologies, working at the intersection between software and hardware innovations.


Because materials and manufacturing technologies are fundamental to so many areas of development, members of Keltie's materials and manufacturing team can also be seen in action in many of Keltie's other sectors: sustainability, engineering, precision medicine, lifestyle and wellness, engineering and chemistry all draw on the interdisciplinery expertise the team has to offer.


Our services

Our team of experienced patent, trade mark and design attorneys helps companies at the cutting edge of materials and manufacturing to protect their creations using a full spectrum of IP rights. Our attorneys specialise in the drafting of design, patent and trade mark applications to help businesses protect, promote and enforce the valuable intellectual property assets and rights created from their work.


Keltie is here to help clients to maximise and maintain the value of their creativity with expert advice, application search and filing and protecting your interests with rigorous enforcement processes.

Keltie’s work in the new materials and manufacturing sector includes:


  • Clearance and due diligence searches

  • Branding assessments and protection

  • Invention harvesting and patent application preparation

  • Portfolio management, enhancement and strategic development

  • Advising on infringement, enforcement and passing-off

  • Counterfeit actions

  • Domain name and online enforcement

  • Negotiations/mediations/licensing/assignments

  • Trade secret management

  • Client training


New materials and manufacturing - Keltie’s approach

Our materials and manufacturing team never loses sight of the commerical realities around your technology. To understand your innovation fully, and to protect it properly, we need to know your business, and how it fits into the industrial world around it. What will this innovation do for your company, and what do you really need to get out of its protection? Where do you fit in a supply chain? How might a new material be exploited now, and in the future - by you, or by others? How do your competitors operate? We take the time to ask the right questions, learn about your industry and build a relationship with you and your company. We help companies of all sizes and experience, from start-ups to SMEs and global corporates, and give you the support you need.


Our approach focuses on putting together the best team of attorneys for your business’ needs from our diverse talent pool to ensure your intellectual property portfolio is planned, executed and maintained to the highest standards to safeguard your rights.

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