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Several of our team also have first hand experience of working in the pharmaceuticals industry in drug development and personal care products. In these sectors, the stakes are high and understanding the complexities of the chemistry as well as intellectual property law is pivotal in providing commercially relevant advice. We pride ourselves upon balancing our technical skills with commercial acumen to provide our clients with the ideal intellectual property service to deliver maximum protection for their investment.


Our chemists also contribute to our strengths in the closely neighboring fields of sustainability, materials and manufacturing, precision medicine, and the life sciences. In this way, we are able to create cross-disciplinary teams to ensure that our clients are best served no matter how complex their technology.


Our services

The chemical team at Keltie has a history of working with clients in the petrochemical, energy and pharmaceutical sectors. We have developed intellectual property protection strategies for clients with numerous downstream products and processes spanning a diverse cross-section of industries and markets.


We advise on patent protection strategy as well as clearance and freedom-to-operate in what can be very highly competitive fields.

Competition is good for product development and innovation, but means that it is crucially important that we work alongside our clients to protect their intellectual property and its intrinsic value. Creativity, innovation and inventiveness within the chemical sciences means our attorneys must stay at the forefront of technical understanding and creative thinking to formulate strategies which safeguard our clients’ interests.


Keltie is here to help clients to maximise and maintain the value of their invention with expert advice, application search, filing and protecting your interests with rigorous enforcement processes, should the need arise.


Keltie’s work in the chemistry sector includes:


  • Clearance and due diligence searches
  • Branding assessments and trade mark protection
  • Invention harvesting and patent application preparation and prosecution
  • Portfolio management, enhancement and strategic development
  • Advising on infringement, enforcement and passing-off
  • Defensive and offensive oppositions
  • Counterfeit actions
  • Domain name and online enforcement
  • Negotiations/mediations/licensing/assignments
  • Trade secret management
  • Client training


Chemistry - Keltie’s approach

The chemistry team at Keltie is resolutely commercial in our approach to intellectual property protection. The underlying business case is as important for framing our advice as the nature of the technology itself. Our team of attorneys in both the patents and trade marks handle matters of global importance. As a result we are adept at advising on issues that cover multiple markets from Europe to North America, Asia and beyond.


Our approach focuses on putting together the best team of attorneys for your business’ needs from our diverse talent pool to ensure your intellectual property portfolio is planned, executed and maintained to the highest standards to safeguard your rights.

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