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Once a brand is created and correctly protected, our brand specialists can assist with the management and monitoring of that brand through online investigations, watching services and enforcement analysis to make sure the value in the brand is well looked after and fully utilised.


Our services

Your goal is to build a brand and your business, both in awareness and profitability. It is our job to help guide you through the complexities of intellectual property and keep your brand on the path to success. We like to be involved with our clients’ branding projects from the earliest creation stages, so that we can add our strategic expertise to your passion and advise on clearance, freedom to operate and whether your brand is likely to face any obstacles through use or registration. We pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate with our clients, guiding and mentoring them to act as an extension of your team, rather than just acting as a third party offering a service.

Our expert attorneys want to help make your brand a reflection of your business, your personality and your objectives. They do this by taking the time to really understand the business, its direction and aspirations so that we build an intellectual property strategy which marries creativity with cost effectiveness to safeguard your investment in a brand.


Keltie’s work in the branding sector includes:


  • Clearance and due diligence searches
  • Branding assessments and protection audit
  • Portfolio management, enhancement and strategic development
  • Advising on infringement, enforcement and passing-off
  • Offensive and defensive oppositions
  • Counterfeit actions
  • Domain name and online enforcement
  • Brand monitoring, enhancement and refinement
  • Client training


Brands - Keltie’s approach

It is often said that a brand is more than just a trade mark or logo - it is an understanding, a culture, a method, a way of portraying a business and its history or vision to the public. Keltie has the same approach. We see Keltie as more than just a brand or a law firm. We are a collaborative team that understands our own values and cultures.


It is this shared view of values that enables us to take the time to consider where a brand is placed and provide input as to how best to develop and maintain the strength of those brands. In fact, we pride ourselves on the feedback we have received from our clients over the years praising our ability to provide the perfect team to suit their branding objectives.


We take the time to consider each stage of progression a brand may face from creation to enforcement to maintenance, providing useful strategic input along the way.

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