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Patent protection

We know from experience that innovation is a dynamic process that can generate a diverse range of creative outputs. Some of these are best protected with patents that cover the technical elements of innovation and invention.


We take pride in the quality of our patent drafting - our wealth of direct clients means that we draft often and that we draft well. Building patent portfolios that support growth, underpin core technology platforms and provide a competitive advantage in the global marketplace is an essential part of the value we offer. We know how to catch the spirit of innovation and to transform it into an asset. We make the complex patent process accessible, giving you clear and practical guidance on how to get the best protection for your needs.


Patent consulting

Our patent consulting services can help your company navigate the overlap between business and IP. Our attorneys can work with you to plan, manage and execute an IP strategy that aligns with your business strategy, to maximise its effectiveness and to protect your commercial interests and investments. We can support you in designing patent and invention processes, such as invention harvesting and decision-making structures, and with internal training and roll-out.


Patents - the Keltie difference

Patents will help companies to establish a strong competitive position in the marketplace. Keltie attorneys are adept at helping you understand when and how to expolit your intellectual property through patents.


Our UK and European patent attorneys specialise in helping you to maximise the impact of your intellectual asset value chain as well as to understand the risks and rewards open to you in your market sector. We want to help you get the most out of your innovation. With a strategically planned portfolio, managed by our expert team of attorneys and paralegals, we can build the strongest position for your intellectual property to amplify its value now, and in the future.

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MoreUnified Patent Court Update


Unified Patent Court Update

Last week, after years of delay caused by challenges in the German Federal Constitutional Court, legislation enabling Germany to ratify the Unified Patent Court Agreement came into force. German ratification of the UPCA is a required step in setting up the unitary patent system and so this development moves the Unified Patent Court slightly closer to reality.

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Joanne Hopley talks about the future of automotive.

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Five patents in Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology: building materials and devices by controlling matter at the atomic and molecular level. An interdisciplinary field with far-reaching applications. Monica Patel explores five particularly interesting patents in this area...

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