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Well-considered trade marks are powerful tools in building consumer recognition and reputation. They are the name above the door that drives a brand's success. As such, they are rights that are certainly worth enforcing and defending. However, on the basis of this value, it also means other trade mark owners are likely to vigorously police their own brands and rights.


Our trade mark attorneys assist in the obtaining of trade mark protection in the most efficient manner. Our work and skill is to help clients register a mark which does not infringe another, meaning the likelihood of a dispute is much lower. If an opposition dispute or litigation action is raised, we assist our clients through the provision of strategies that allow our clients to navigate such routes with minimal impact to their rights. By all means necessary, we will try and avoid a “go back to square one” outcome.


Trade mark litigation or opposition actions are most likely to occur when a party has not searched for a trade mark and as such, have not fully considered or assessed the earlier rights with which their mark may conflict.


However, by engaging an expert attorney, you need never encounter such issues.

Trade mark protection - the Keltie difference

With our guidance, we aim to arm our clients with the strongest rights applicable to their businesses. This provides powerful monopoly rights that can be used to ensure a clear path for brands to prosper and ensure a level of quality to the intended consumer.


We also apply strategies to ensure that any opposition or litigation actions are avoided thanks to our diligence and analysis processes in the search and filing stages. Trade mark disputes - however small - are damaging for a brand’s reputation and the costs can be more significant than solely financial.


At Keltie, our work in this area aims to avoid the unnecessary costs of aggressive enforcement or litigation. By involving our trade mark attorneys as early in the process as possible, we get you and your trade mark the most appropriate and complete protection possible.


The adage that ‘prevention is better than the cure’ firmly applies in our trade mark processes and with Keltie, you and your trade marks are in capable hands.


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