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About WTR 1000


The World Review 1000 is a prestigious annual guide that recognises and ranks the world's leading trade mark professionals and law firms. Renowned for its authority, the WTR 1000 assesses areas including:


  • trade mark expertise
  • legal acumen
  • client service


It provides a definitive resource for those seeking exceptional trade mark legal assistance globally. WTR 1000 is the definitive ‘go-to’ guide for those seeking legal trade mark expertise.

A Talented Team with Talented Individuals


The Keltie team consistently demonstrates their ability to protect key marks from infringement, both locally and internationally, through a global network of trusted associates. Manuela Macchi, Alistair Gay, Rosemary Cardas, Ben Britter, Charlotte Wilding and Sean Cummings were recognised as 'recommended individuals.'


Co-head of the trade mark team, Alistair Gay, stands out as a “go-to trade mark attorney who is highly skilled, extremely responsive, efficient, and incredibly trustworthy.” He has assisted Lotus Cars in expanding its global trade mark and design portfolio.


Keltie’s Ben Britter is recognised for his versatility in handling all aspects of trade marks. “Ben Britter can handle absolutely everything when it comes to trade marks and effectively acts as an extension of the in-house team.” He is instructed by Sony Interactive Entertainment to advise on its prosecution strategy in the UK and EU.


Manuela Macchi “brings a deep understanding of the industry to deliver personalised advice and solutions that cut right to her patrons’ bottom line.”


Partner, Rosemary Cardas is highly recommended for her flawless handling of instructions. “She builds deep and trusting relationships and treats clients with the highest degree of professional courtesy.”


Charlotte Wilding returned to Keltie in 2023. She is “a very knowledgeable practitioner who brings particular strength when it comes to litigation and trade mark counselling”.


Shamrock Success: Silver in the WTR 1000


Since opening its doors in 2016, Keltie has been at the forefront of trade mark prosecution, strategy, and enforcement work in Ireland. Operating in tandem with UK offices, Keltie offers seamless IP services between the two jurisdictions. Keltie's Irish Office, under Sean Cummings leadership, attracts local and high-profile international clients. With over three decades of legal experience, Sean is respected for his encyclopaedic knowledge of IP law in Ireland and the EU. He gives legal advice in complex IP cases.


Going for Gold: Trade Mark Triumph 


In the UK, Keltie is hailed as the best IP law firm in the market. “Keltie is the best IP law firm on the market. It has been a fantastic partner and resource on UK and EU trade mark matters, including prosecution and enforcement."


In achieving the prestigious gold ranking for our UK trade mark team and a commendable silver ranking for our Irish team in the WTR 1000 2024, Keltie again demonstrates its commitment to IP and trade marks. Our talented individuals exemplify excellence in trade mark law.


 The guide is now available to view online

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