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Keltie relies on skilled people to drive innovation and growth with their expertise and dedication. These talented individuals play a crucial role in shaping Keltie, making it a thriving and competitive force in the world of trade marks and intellectual property (IP).


Today, our founder, David Keltie, would be proud of the accomplishments of our team. Three individuals stand out this month as Charlotte Wilding, Manuela Macchi, and Jesús Enrique Vargas Millan have been selected to join various International Trademark Association (INTA) committees. For the upcoming 2024–2025 term, this talented trio will be showcasing their expertise and dedication to the field.

About INTA committees


A talented and dedicated group of individuals who serve on INTA committees. From advising on policy positions to creating resources and communicating on key issues, their expertise benefits industry stakeholders and society. They work with global staff to address issues related to trademarks and intellectual property, including:


  • Advocating trademarks and brand owner rights
  • Developing resources for members, industry stakeholders, and the public
  • Communicating and implementing strategic initiatives
  • Planning educational programs
  • Planning events


The Publications Committee


Charlotte Wilding, Partner at Keltie, will be a valuable addition to the Publications Committee, maintaining members-only legal resources. Charlotte has been involved with INTA for some years, serving on the Young Practitioners Committee since 2019. She explains, “As my term has come to an end, I couldn’t wait to join a new committee and get stuck in. The one that spoke to me the most is the Publications Committee given my interest in communications and the development of legal resources.”


Charlotte also contributes to the monthly magazine, CITMA Review. Published by the Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys (CITMA), her articles spark discussions on relevant case law and developments. She is also a member of CITMA’s publication and communications group.


Charlotte's extensive experience, passion for communications, and contributions to legal resources within her field make her a clear choice and an invaluable asset to the Publications Committee.


The Non-Traditional Marks Committee


Manuela Macchi, Partner at Keltie, brings her expertise to the Non-Traditional Marks Committee, developing balanced protection for nontraditional trade marks.


Manuela says, “I have had an interest in non-traditional trade marks for some time, starting with research I did on non-traditional trade marks in the field of sports.”

In 2013, Manuela founded Keltie's Sports Trade Mark Practice, which she heads. Manuela brings to this practice a wealth of experience built over the years in representing and advising trade mark owners in the sports sector. She explains, “This (research) included trade mark applications to register sportspeople’s celebratory or identifying gestures, photos of themselves to try and protect their image, as well as sound marks registered by sports organisations.”


Manuela has written articles presented on this topic at conferences with a specific focus on sports. Although her experience extends from sports to fashion, she recalls, “Other forms of non-traditional trade marks then became very relevant to my practice when a particular fashion client decided to seek protection for the three-dimensional shape of its footwear designs and a pharma client decided to attempt trade mark registration for the packaging of its dietary supplements. I have developed not only legal knowledge but also first-hand experience with the challenges of obtaining registration for 3D marks that are a representation of the goods for which trade mark protection is sought. I will bring all this knowledge and experience to the NTM Committee.”


Trademark Administrators Committee


Jesús Enrique (JE) is a CITMA Paralegal and a certified Trade Mark Paralegal. The International Trademark Association (INTA) nominated him as a Rising Star. Jesús re-joins the Trademark Administrators Committee, where he will continue to develope educational programs and resources for trade mark administrators.


He explains why he is looking forward to continuing to be on the Trademark Administrators Committee. He says, “I'm genuinely looking forward to my second term on the TMA Committee. We have some exciting projects in the works, and it is a dynamic committee with members hailing from all around the world who share a deep passion for our profession.”


Before joining Keltie, JE studied and worked for a famous company in Chile. Now, they enjoy learning from legal professionals worldwide. He explains, “The global diversity within the committee is a real plus, as the role of a trademark administrator can vary widely from one jurisdiction to another. Learning from each other's experiences is a particularly rewarding aspect of this journey.”


JE’s strong dedication to the industry, global perspective, and passion for collaboration make him a valuable asset to the committee's work on improving educational resources.


Shaping the future


These appointments reflect their commitment to excellence and their desire to shape the future of the trade mark industry. David would be proud to see how Keltie has grown and how its talented people serve clients with passion and dedication.

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