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The boom in wellness, fitness and healthy industries have led to a significant increase in the level of intellectual property that has been developed as a result of such products and services. Competition and a captive market have seen real growth in creativity, innovation and inventiveness in this space with businesses having to evolve and adapt to customers’ ever-changing requirements.


The availability of products and services fed by real-time data, feedback and comparison has meant that businesses are constantly looking for a unique point of difference in an increasingly crowded marketplace where significant opportunities for return on investment exist.


Businesses within lifestyle and wellness sectors are driving innovation based on research, development and scientific and technological advancement. This allows for the continuous improvement of products and services available for consumers seeking to improve their health or lifestyle.


Our services

Our team of skilled and accomplished patent and trade mark attorneys assist our clients in the lifestyle and wellness sectors to protect their creations as well as safeguard the time and capital invested in developing new technologies.


We have extensive experience in providing strategies for start-ups, associations, luxury household brands, fashion designers and retailers. Our attorneys specialise in the drafting of design, patent and trade mark applications to help businesses protect, promote and enforce the valuable intellectual property assets and rights created from their work.

Our working relationships with some of the world’s foremost luxury brands means that we have a substantial knowledge and evidence base to support efforts to defend the reputations of world-famous brands, both online and in the real world.


Keltie is here to help clients to maximise and maintain the value of their creativity with expert advice, application search and filing and protecting your interests with rigorous enforcement processes, should the need arise.


Keltie’s work in the lifestyle and wellness sectors includes:


  • Clearance and due diligence searches

  • Branding assessments and protection

  • Invention harvesting and patent application preparation

  • Portfolio management, enhancement and strategic development

  • Advising on infringement, enforcement and passing-off

  • Counterfeit actions

  • Domain name and online enforcement

  • Negotiations/mediations/licensing/assignments

  • Trade secret management

  • Client training


Lifestyle and wellness - Keltie’s approach

As well as our sector-experienced teams who continually work with lifestyle brands, Keltie has industry-leading attorneys in biochemical sciences, life sciences and branding who ensure that the scientific aspects of any particular health or wellness offerings are identified and protected.


Our approach focuses on putting together the best team of attorneys for your business’ needs from our diverse talent pool to ensure your intellectual property portfolio is planned, executed and maintained to the highest standards to safeguard your rights.

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Crowdfunding is an increasingly popular method for a company to raise funds to get a new product off the ground. This is particularly prevalent for small businesses and start-ups within the lifestyle and wellness sectors. Successful crowdfunding has been seen in diverse areas such as tabletop gaming, comic books and virtual reality headsets. The potential for a company with its roots in crowdfunding can be extremely high, with the company Oculus starting from searching for a $250,000 investment on Kickstarter to eventually being bought out by Facebook for a figure in the billions.

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