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About Gemma

Gemma specialises in patents in the field of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering and has a wealth of experience covering a broad range of technical fields including automotive, aerospace, composites, powder metallurgy, industrial and medical gases, medical devices, food processing, battery technology and downhole oil-well technologies. Gemma works with clients of all sizes from start-ups to multinational corporations and is known for her easy and approachable manner.

Gemma has extensive experience in the drafting and prosecution of patent applications in the UK, Europe and throughout the world. Gemma also handles oppositions and appeals before the European Patent Office both in attack and defence of patent rights, as well as advising on freedom to operate and patent infringement matters. Gemma also has considerable experience in the planning, execution and analysis of patent landscape searches.


Before joining the patent profession Gemma worked for GKN as a graduate engineer in the automotive and aerospace sectors before joining Jaguar Cars as an NVH specialist. Gemma has also spent time off-shore on oil-rigs in both the North Sea and Nigeria.

Gemma joined the patent profession in 2003, qualifying with another successful London based private practice. After eight years in private practice Gemma joined the in-house patent team at Linde AG where she headed up the UK team and managed a large and varied patent portfolio. Whilst at Linde, in addition to valuable patent prosecution experience, Gemma gained considerable commercial and strategic experience regularly advising the business on IP strategy, IP licencing and Joint Development agreements.


Gemma obtained a masters degree in Engineering Science from the University of Oxford in 1999, specialising in Mechanical and Chemical Engineering in her final years. Today, in addition to her patent work, Gemma sits on of the Board of Farnborough College of Technology as vice-chair. Gemma is passionate about social mobility and works to promote the IP profession to underrepresented groups.


Gemma joined Keltie in 2018.

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