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About Joeri

Joeri is a UK, Dutch and European patent attorney with more than 15 years of experience in supporting his clients’ IP needs with high quality drafting, prosecution and opposition work and sound commercial and strategic advice. He has helped many clients to use their patent portfolio for the benefit of their business or to strategically move around the competition’s IP. Joeri spent a considerable part of his career in-house at a large and innovative multinational corporation, where he developed a deep love for combine harvesters and other agricultural technology.

His technical background lies in the field of experimental sub-atomic physics and his daily practice covers a broad range of physics, mechanical engineering and control software. In the European patent community, he is best known for his love of EPO opposition procedures and his activities as a tutor for the C paper of the European Qualification Exam for aspiring patent attorneys.


Joeri specialises in patents in the fields of mechanical engineering, physics and control software. Amongst all the different technologies he has been extensively involved in are optical recording, medical devices, agricultural equipment, lighting, displays and automotive. He regularly represents clients in opposition procedures at the EPO, both to defend and to attack patents.

For more than a decade, Joeri has been giving courses for helping aspiring patent attorneys to prepare for the European Qualification Exam (Paper C, Opposition). He also regularly provides claim drafting courses and speaks about other IP topics for audiences of different professional backgrounds.


Joeri's career in IP started with 9 years in a Dutch patent firm based in Eindhoven. After five years of working at the in-house patent department of CNH Industrial, Joeri joined Keltie in 2017. During his in-house period he managed a large patent portfolio for a broad range of different combine harvesters. At CNH Industrial, he built an extensive expertise in freedom to operate and patent infringement analysis and gained a keen insight in the commercial implications of different IP strategies.


In 2002, Joeri obtained his masters degree in physics at the University of Utrecht. In his final year at University, he built and tested equipment for testing particle detectors for the ALICE experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

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