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Nathaniel joined Keltie in 2016 and has experience in drafting and prosecuting patent applications from a wide range of technological fields. His work principally relates to high-tech sustainability technologies in the automotive, agricultural, and renewable energy fields, amongst a broad portfolio that stretches from electrical and industrial power management systems to fashion, packaging and consumer products.

Nathaniel also has experience working in-house at an automotive engineering company, where he worked alongside the various engineering departments to extract inventions from the product development cycle and convert ideas into Intellectual Property assets.


Nathaniel graduated in 2016 with a 1st class Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bath, where his studies included structural mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid power systems, biomechanics and control systems theory. During his studies, Nathaniel first developed his passion for sustainable engineering projects, sharing his time between his Master's project - producing prototype electro-hydrostatic actuators with high-performance control systems - and his hobby - developing an electric motorcycle that went on to compete in the Isle of Man TT race (just about surviving that ordeal!).



Before joining Keltie, Nathaniel also worked at Atkins, where he developed a particular interest in sustainable construction projects, working on off-shore wind turbine projects, nuclear facilities, and building services.


Nathaniel qualified as both a UK and European patent attorney in 2021.

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