Keltie is an intellectual property firm with a unique personality. A firm that’s renowned for its excellence, earned by putting talented, energetic and principled people at its heart.

Based in Europe but with global reach, we specialise in IP law and management. Our clients benefit from an extraordinarily experienced and multi-faceted group of IP experts. Our team includes patent, trade mark and design attorneys who work on every technology and in all commercial fields.


The essence of Keltie goes far beyond what we do. It’s about how we do it - with an unparalleled spirit of togetherness, fairness and enjoyment. We want that spirit to embrace the clients we’re proud to serve, so we work as closely and supportively with them as we do with each other. The result: entrusting IP work to us is not just to witness our special culture - but also to experience it.



Keltie strikes gold in FT Special Report!

Keltie is delighted to have earned a top-10 ranking in the Financial Times Special Report on Europe’s Leading Patent Law Firms 2020. Our sister firm K2 has also been recommended. 


Press release here.




Our clients are as varied as commerce itself. Some bring problems to solve. Others bring opportunities and solutions to explore.

We see, and we tell, both sides of the story. We assess the similarities and we define the differences. With definitive craftsmanship, we listen, understand, advise and persuade.


We know that intelligence counts for little without the ability to communicate it and to apply common sense.

It’s about caring for our clients, recognising what they need and taking pride in everything we achieve for them.



Our mission is to seek out the essence of an invention, the heart of a brand and the crux of a dispute. We’re passionate, responsive, commercial and down-to-earth in our pursuit of what matters.

Grounded yet audacious, our traditional strengths aren’t constrained by accepted wisdom. Our style is one of open and fluid teamwork, with a collective approach that rejects competitive billing.


Our progressive approach shows in everything we do: in our curiosity to ask the right questions; in our vision to keep sight of the goal; and in our creativity to seek constructive solutions. But above all, it shows in the profound understanding we forge with our clients.



Keltie is a firm of European and UK patent, trade mark and design attorneys. Our team includes IP consultants and a top-quality IP support group.

We act directly before the European Patent Office, the EU Intellectual Property Office, the UK Intellectual Property Office, the Irish Patents Office and the World Intellectual Property Organisation. Through our foreign associates, we offer corresponding services all over the world.


Our virtual firm K2 extends our offering with a team of freelance attorneys and consultants.



We form overlapping groups in our main disciplines - patents; trade marks; designs; corporate support; Internet IP; and IP consulting.

Our services extend beyond filing across the full spectrum of IP law and management:

  • contentious matters - litigation; opposition, revocation, invalidity and threats proceedings; dispute resolution; third-party observations; advice on infringement and validity; enforcement; defence; entitlement disputes; negotiation; co-existence agreements and other settlements;
  • transactional matters - due diligence enquiries; assessing IP portfolios; assignments; licensing; stock market reports; investor advice;
  • intelligence - searching; watching; investigation; freedom-to-operate opinions;
  • support - translations; illustrations; legal documentation; renewal services;
  • managing IP, internally and externally; and
  • developing and providing systems and staff for IP departments, including secondments.


Our Patent Group offers world-class professional experience built upon experience as engineers and scientists in industry and research.

The Group covers every technical field in client-focused teams, including:

  • Automotive, Aerospace and Marine Technologies;
  • Bioscience and Medical Technologies;
  • Chemistry and Materials Science;
  • Environmental Technologies;
  • IT, Telecoms and Electronics; and
  • Physics and Electromechanical Engineering.

European- and UK-qualified, our patent attorneys spend much of their time handling our flourishing practice before the European Patent Office. They appear frequently in opposition and appeal proceedings and enjoy a remarkable rate of success in contentious matters.


We take pride in the quality of our patent drafting - as we take satisfaction in exploiting the weaknesses of bad patents. Our wealth of direct clients means that we draft often and that we draft well. We know how to catch the spirit of an idea and to transform it into an asset. We bring inventions to life.



The attorneys in our Trade Mark Group are among the leading brand protection experts in Europe. Through our associate network, we coordinate brand protection all over the world.

The Group comprises multi-lingual European and UK trade mark attorneys with backgrounds in law and business. Their expertise extends through the full lifecycle, from searching and filing through to opposition and litigation, including enforcement and appeal. They play a major role in our Internet IP practice.


Brand protection is at the heart of Keltie. We act for a huge variety of trade mark clients globally, handling some of the world's most famous marks. Through our work with luxury brands, we have front-rank experience of defending reputations in the real world and online.


Our success in protecting brands is founded upon our commercial, pragmatic approach. We’re adept at avoiding obstacles, solving problems and finding the best way forward. We’re with our clients all the way, from choosing to using a mark.



Imaginative use of design protection is crucial to businesses that are built on aesthetics.

We know how to exploit the potential of design applications for quick, good-value protection while avoiding the pitfalls that can so easily undermine their scope and validity. We liaise with our foreign associates to extend design protection wherever in the world our clients may require.


The definition of a design is remarkably broad. Some designs have a technical character but others have trade mark attributes. That’s why our Design Group is drawn from the attorneys of both our Patent and Trade Mark Groups, who practice as European and UK Design Attorneys.


Our attorneys are experienced not just in design law but also in related aspects of copyright law. They also guide our clients through the minefield of third-party design rights, including advising one of the world’s leading jewellery and watch brands to clear its new designs for launch.



Our fluidity and commercial nous equip us to solve IP management problems for corporate IP functions and law firms. We enable our clients to insource solutions and to outsource problems.

Our Corporate Support Group has the experience and resources to create a perfect and cost-effective fit for requirements and budgets. Where personnel challenges arise in-house, we arrange secondments on a short-term or long-term basis to wherever our clients are located. We provide IP people ranging from senior professionals to assistants, paralegals or records staff.


Other projects lend themselves to outsourcing, such as IP management advice, due diligence, data cleansing, litigation support and the integration or division of IP portfolios. Some may be discrete matters that can be handled by our IP Consulting Group; others involve an ongoing partnership with a client, such as ad hoc overflow work or outsourcing of entire portfolio management functions. 



Keltie’s online brand protection services are led by our Trade Mark Group.

Domain name registration, renewal and recovery:

Our trade mark attorneys coordinate the registration and renewal of domain names, often in conjunction with trade mark protection. We regularly conduct detailed online investigations and domain name acquisitions on behalf of our clients. We have an excellent track record in domain name complaint proceedings before WIPO, Nominet, the ADR Forum and the Czech Arbitration Court among other alternative dispute resolution providers.


Brand monitoring and enforcement:


We have extensive experience with monitoring use of our clients’ brands across the Internet and identifying unauthorised use, including but not limited to the sale of counterfeit goods, fraudulent activity or in a manner that otherwise has a detrimental effect on our clients’ reputation. We identify the most efficient route to the best outcome, including domain name recovery, social media take-down applications, online marketplace and auction take-down applications, merchant account suspension and cancellation, registrar and IPS complaints and working with law enforcement and trading standards.

Internet-related inventions:


Our patent attorneys handle Internet-related inventions for clients ranging from start-ups to multinationals.



Our IP Consulting Group works with organisations to manage their IP effectively. We help our clients to maximise the quality and value of their IP and to minimise the cost and management burden of owning it.

Drawing on top-rank expertise within Keltie and its virtual firm K2, the Group includes attorneys, other consultants and support staff with backgrounds in industry and in private practice. Their experience includes senior in-house IP management and involvement in growing IP-aware companies. We also co-opt external specialists in disciplines such as licensing, valuation and taxation, including Patent Box and R&D Tax Credits.

As we offer our IP consulting services independently from filing and prosecution work, we can be engaged without necessarily taking over a client's IP portfolio.

We help clients in various ways, from ad hoc advice targeted to specific projects to providing resources on an ongoing basis through our Corporate Support Group. In some cases, this involves secondment of professionals and support staff to in-house departments.

Working with clients ranging from academic institutions to law firms to multinationals, our approach is resolutely practical - not just talking but doing



K2 is an innovative network that shares Keltie’s unique approach with a wider group of freelance Network Attorneys and Consultants. 


K2’s people have outstanding backgrounds in private practice and in industry. They work flexibly on a dispersed basis while liaising with each other and with their colleagues in Keltie. They extend Keltie’s reach and capabilities, while Keltie supports them with its top-rank resources.


Clients benefit because K2 allows its people to operate efficiently beyond traditional confines, with all of the support they need - but less of the overhead they don't. Clients can work with their choice of attorney or consultant, knowing that he or she has the support necessary to deal with large projects or tasks requiring a blend of skills.


K2's support frees its people to develop their careers. Its unique working environment gives them the flexibility of their own practice combined with the resources and credibility of an established firm. It enables them to give excellent service, to free themselves from excessive admin burdens and to enjoy a working life that suits their needs and aspirations.



Keltie is all about people. Its personality is built on the character of outstanding individuals, working together in a collaborative environment.

We’re proud to acknowledge everyone who’s a part of Keltie. To find out more about them, use the links below and the navigation on the left.

Keltie is...



In view of the referendum result, the United Kingdom issued its formal notice of its intention to leave the European Union on 29 March 2017. The UK left the EU on 31 January 2020 and entered into a transition period to allow the UK and EU negotiate their future relationship. From 1 January 2021 the UK and EU will have a new relationship. The intention of this news section is to clarify some of the confusion regarding Brexit and IP.

Whilst the UK is leaving the EU, Keltie remains a part of the EU Trade Mark and Design system and will continue to represent clients before the EUIPO.  

1st January 1970


Brexit and IP


If you have any questions about the effect of Brexit on IP please click here and send us your enquiry. 

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