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Paul works in the Bioscience and Chemistry teams where he supports a range of clients from start-ups to multinationals. He has developed expertise with clients active in the fields of industrial biotechnology, nutrition, plant sciences, fuels and catalysts. Paul has a particular interest in Precision Medicine, and also has experience with targeted and localised therapies using a variety of therapeutic agent types. Paul has a strong interdisciplinary focus, and collaborates with colleagues across Keltie in order to advise on a broad range of fields, including biological modelling and medical devices.

Paul’s work includes drafting and prosecution of UK, European and International patent applications, EPO Opposition proceedings, and validity and freedom-to-operate opinions. He also manages a number of patent portfolios active in multiple countries and advises on the adaptation of patent strategy both to European practice, and to various jurisdictions worldwide.


Paul’s research experience has contributed to his interest in advising researchers and early-stage enterprises in the development of their intellectual property strategies and portfolios.

Before joining Keltie to train as a UK and European patent attorney, from 2011 to 2016 Paul carried out research for a PhD in Neuroscience at the Institute of Ophthalmology at University College London, under Rachael Pearson and Robin Ali. For his doctorate he investigated cell therapy using photoreceptor precursor cells for the treatment of retinal degenerative diseases, and acquired experience in genetics and cellular neuroscience.


Paul also holds an undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences (Biological) from the University of Cambridge. During this course he studied a range of topics in the life sciences, and developed a wide area of understanding of subjects including cell biology, plant and animal physiology, pathology, and both cognitive and biological neuroscience.


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