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Judith is among Keltie’s most experienced patent attorneys having joined the firm when the entire workforce could travel together in a single London black cab. Using her previous experience as in-house attorney for a multinational consumer goods company as well as having been a senior patent examiner with the UK Intellectual Property Office, Judith has helped the firm grow and expand its reach both technically and geographically to service a truly diverse client base, and takes much pride in seeing young engineers and scientists join the firm, qualify and become accomplished attorneys in their own specialist fields.

While Judith has a background in chemistry, her practice is wide-ranging, and she is equally happy to advise clients outside of the chemical field. For example, more recently, her practice has embraced petrochemicals, catalysts, polymers, pharmaceuticals, skin treatments, cementitious materials, process engineering, medical devices and prosthetics, as well as building and construction products, toys and games.

In addition to patent drafting and prosecution skills, Judith also provides freedom-to-operate advice, including working in tandem with clients’ design teams to steer new product development away from risk, conducts due diligence investigations, and prepares intellectual property reports for prospectus inclusion in public share offerings (IPOs).


Judith has acted for clients in patent trials before both the Patents Court and the Court of Appeal, whilst recognising that litigation should be a last resort. She also has experience as an expert witness in matters of patent procedure.


Judith is a member of PTMG, INTA and AIPPI.

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