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Keltie received the maximum of six medals (2 gold and 4 bronze) in a new report by the Financial Times on Europe’s Leading Patent Law Firms in 2021. The report, which was compiled by research company Statista and based on feedback and recommendations from clients and peers within the industry, placed Keltie as commended experts in all six sectors covered.


The firm was among only 17 firms (out of 168) who received a medal in every category, matching its 2020 performance in the rankings which also yielded the maximum medals. In the overall rankings, Keltie was ranked in the top 10 firms in Europe.

Gold medals were awarded to Keltie (meaning firms were very frequently recommended) for expertise in IT and Mechanical Engineering and bronze (meaning firms were recommended) for services in Biotechnology & Food, Chemistry & Pharmaceuticals, Electrical Engineering and Materials & Nanotechnology.


In total, 10,000 patent attorneys and clients were invited to contribute to the study with more than 3,200 responses recorded by Statista. Keltie’s consistent position at the top of the rankings further strengthens its reputation across Europe as an experienced and trusted partner for clients and as an admired and respected brand for other firms operating within the field of patent law.

Shakeel Ahmad, who heads up the Software, Electronics and Telecommunications Team at Keltie with responsibility for the IT sector, acknowledged that a gold medal for his team was deserved recognition for their hard work and dedication despite the conditions presented by the pandemic:

I am absolutely delighted that the Software, Electronics and Telecommunications Team have, for the second year running, received a Gold Medal ranking from their clients and peers. Everyone in the team has worked particularly hard in the past 12 months in challenging circumstances and having such a glowing recognition of that work is particularly rewarding. For the firm to also be ranked in the top 10 in Europe (by medals awarded) for the second year running is also a wonderful achievement.

Emily Weal, whose Engineering Team also celebrated a gold medal ranking, praised the exceptional talent that Keltie can lean on to build the kind of close relationships with clients that help spur industry recognition:

The FT rankings are particularly insightful because they are based purely on feedback from our clients and colleagues in the patent industry. Engineering underpins a lot of our work at Keltie, particularly in drafting applications and opposition/appeal work, and we are very proud to receive a gold medal ranking for the Engineering team, as well as the top ten rankings of all European firms (by medals awarded). The award reflects the hard work and exceptional talent of our attorneys and support staff, and the close relationships we have with our clients in Engineering and all technical fields throughout the firm.


14 different European states were represented in the rankings with firms in Germany (65), the United Kingdom (42) and France (16) scoring the highest in terms of medals achieved.

The full list of recommendations and medal winners can be viewed here.

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