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Keltie received the maximum of six medals (4 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze) in a new report by the Financial Times on Europe’s Leading Patent Law Firms in 2022. The report, which was compiled by research company Statista and based on feedback and recommendations from our clients and peers within the industry, placed Keltie as commended experts in all six technology sectors covered.


The firm was among only 18 firms (out of 167) who received a medal in every category, exceeding the performances in 2020 and 2021 which also yielded the maximum number of medals. In the overall rankings, Keltie was ranked in the top 10 patent firms in Europe, top 5 in the UK and at seventh place overall in the medal table. Keltie was also the top ranked firm to have a presence in Ireland. 

Gold medals were awarded to Keltie (meaning firms were very frequently recommended) for our expertise in IT & Software, Biotechnology & Food, Electrical Engineering, Materials & Nanotechnology and Mechanical Engineering. 


In total, 10,000 patent attorneys and clients were invited to contribute to the study with more than 3,200 responses recorded by Statista. Keltie’s consistent position in the top tier of the rankings further strengthens our reputation across Europe as an experienced and trusted partner for clients and as an admired and respected brand for other firms operating within the field of patent law.

Shakeel Ahmad, who heads up the Software, Electronics and Telecommunications Team at Keltie with responsibility for the IT sector, acknowledged that a gold medal for his team was deserved recognition for their hard work coming out of the global pandemic:

I am absolutely delighted that the Software, Electronics and Telecommunications Team have, for the third year in a row, received Gold Medal recognition from our clients and peers. To also be ranked in the top 10 in Europe (by medals awarded) for a third year is an outstanding achievement for the entire firm. We particularly appreciate the time taken by our clients to provide their honest feedback to the FT and Statista.

Dev Crease, a partner in the Life Science Team at Keltie, was pleased by the improved recognition in 2022 from Bronze to a Gold medal for expertise in Biotechnology & Food:

The Life Science Team at Keltie works closely with a diverse range of clients, the majority of which have experienced the start up journey. We share so much of that experience with them from the early founder days through to their successes when they list on the stock exchange or gain private equity investment. It is a privilege for us to be a part of those journeys and to receive this amazing recognition from our clients and peers motivates us to do more of what we try to do well in our day to day practice.

The full list of recommendations and medal winners can be viewed here.

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